Most bank cards can be blocked through one phone number. This phone number is 0800-0313. Most banks can be reached through this number, but it is only available from within the Netherlands (+31).

Many banks also have their own phone number, and usually a separate one for calling from abroad.
ABN-Amro: 0800-0701
From abroad: +31 20 651 5927
ASN Bank: 0800-0313
From abroad: +31 70 356 9333
ING: 020 22 888 00
From abroad: +31 20 22 888 00
Knab: 020 303 1600
From abroad: +31 20 303 1600
Or use the Knab app.
Van Lanschot: 0800 1737
From abroad: +31 73 687 1897
Rabobank: 088 722 6767
From abroad: +31 88 722 6767
Regiobank: 0800 03 13
From abroad: +31 30 283 53 72
SNS Bank: Workdays (8:00-21:00) and Saturdays (9:00-17:00): +31 30–6333000
All other times: +31 88-385 53 72
For SNS credit cards: +3130-6333051 Triodos Bank: 0800 0313
From abroad: +31 30 283 5372

After blocking your card, your bank usually does not automatically send you a new one! You will need to contact your bank during their regular opening hours to request a new card.

If an ATM ate your card, normally it will automatically be blocked. Contact your bank to request a new card.
There can be a number of reasons why an ATM could have eaten your card, such as a broken chip on your card, a blocked bank account or card, or suspicion of misuse. Mostly however it's due to a technical failure inside the ATM.
People are sometimes afraid cards can be retrieved by criminals. This is however not true. Eaten cards end up in a safe inside the ATM, and can only be retrieved by bank employees charged with filling up the ATM. When they find cards inside the ATM, they will immediately destroy them. There is no point in asking bank employees to retrieve the card for you, they are unable to do so. They often can however check for you why your card was eaten (though, as said, it's mostly a technical problem inside the ATM, which is not really useful information for you).

To block a lost or stolen credit card, call this number:
Visa: 020 660 0611
From abroad: +31 20 660 0611
MasterCard:: 0800 022 5821
From abroad: Contact the bank that issued the card.
American Express: 020 504 8499
From abroad: +31 20 504 8500

This page is for Dutch bank cards, passports, etc. that are lost or stolen. If your foreign bank card or credit card is stolen, contact your bank in your home country. For stolen passports, contact the embassy or consulate of your country. For a list of embassies and consulates in the Netherlands, click here.

If your passport, ID-card or residence permit is lost or stolen, you should report this to the police immediately. In key cities, police stations are open 24/7. Otherwise, you could always phone 0900-8844. They will ask you to go to a police station as soon as it's open again, but at least you don't have to go to a 24/7 police station if that's far away for you and the nearest one is closed at that moment.
When you report your missing document, a written declaration will be given to you by the police officer taking your report. This declaration can be used to request a new passport or ID-card at the municipality of your residence. Residents of one of our sister countries (Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten) and residents of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba whose passport was lost or stolen in the European Netherlands can request a new passport at the municipalities of The Hague, Enschede, Echt-Susteren, Maastricht or Oldambt. These are regular passports, which can take some time to produce. An emergency passport can be issued at the Royal Marechaussee at Schiphol and near Eindhoven Airport. You will need to prove that your journey cannot be postponed. Residents of the European Netherlands who lost their passport in the Caribbean Netherlands (BES-islands) can request a replacing passport or an emergency passport at the Royal Marechaussee at the airport of each island.

If your passport or ID-card was lost or stolen outside the Netherlands, it's always important to first report it with the police. You should then contact the Embassy of the Netherlands in the country you are in. There, you can request a new passport. If you should urgently travel back to the Netherlands, an emergency passport can be issued. You do however need to prove that your journey really cannot be postponed.
If your passport or ID-card was lost or stolen in one of our Caribbean sister countries (Aruba, Curaçao or Sint Maarten), you should report it with the local police. You can then request a new passport at the Governor Cabinet. An emergency passport can be issued by the Royal Marechaussee at the airport of the island. You will need to prove that your journey cannot be postponed.

If your drivers license is stolen or lost, you need to report this to the police. You can then request a drivers license with the municipality of your residence. If you lost your drivers license while residing abroad within the EU or the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the same applies. If you lost your drivers license while on holidays abroad, you will need to report it to both the police abroad, and the Dutch police (except when your holiday destination was within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, i.e. Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten). You can then apply for a new drivers license at your municipality.

As soon as you buy a new phone, write down the IMEI-number somewhere safe. You will need it when your phone gets stolen or lost. You can retrieve your IMEI-number by dialing *#06# on your phone. This number is unique in the world and can be used to trace back your device. The police will ask for this if you report your phone stolen.
If your phone is stolen, you should always contact your provider first. They can block your SIM-card, so that the thief cannot call on your costs. Going to the police is the next thing to do. After this, you can simply go to any phone shop to ask a replacement SIM-card which you can use in a spare phone if you have any.

An emergency passport is only issued by the Royal Marechausse or a Dutch embassy abroad, upon proof that a journey cannot be postponed. Going on holidays is never a valid reason! Keep this in mind, particularly since children also need a passport of their own!
For an emergency passport, you need:
- 2 recent pictures
- Proof of identity and nationality
- Proof that your journey cannot be postponed
- € 45 (2015)
- Copy of your request for a regular passport
- In case your current passport is expired: your current passport
- If your passport was stolen: a declaration from the police

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